Hurts Like Brand New Shoes

Authored by: Cyntrenna Palmer


   "Hurts Like Brand New Shoes" is a metaphor for life's bumps, obstacles, trials and adversity. The walk of life can be painful and hurtful. Often times, the walk can be uncomfortable and not by our own choosing, but we tolerate it and make due. The pain associated with living may be unavoidable but the direction in which we take solely ours alone. We come to know that in the hurt is where we find tolerance and comfort. You've broken through and broken in life's "shoes."

    It is my hopes that through this journey of personal insights, you will trust your own process. Know that there is beauty in the struggle and you can endure the hurt. What was meant to break you, in turn, built you up. This novel is from many different "shoes." May you endure the pain while walking fearlessly and bravely even if life can often "hurt like brand new shoes."

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